Our quality promise

We take our commitment to quality at Andreas Wendt GmbH very serious. As a strong partner for industry and trade, we successfully manage key points and therefore ensure, globally and across branches, that goods are traded at fair prices and a timely manner. The key to our successful quality management are reliability, flexibility, and competence. We are always striving for the optimum, just like our customers.

By integrating an efficient management system we are able to verify and ensure our good quality in work and performance. The requirements and specifications for management systems, quality management, and customer needs are frequently checked by our management and quality management officials. Deviations are analysed and necessary improvement measures are introduced.

The quality and safety of food is ensured by a careful selection of producers and suppliers. Long-standing and reliable partnerships enable us to fulfil the highest costumer requirements and make even unusual demands possible for us/you. Frequent controls and analyses add to the safety of subsequent processes along the value chain. These also include traceability and transparency throughout all business processes.

Nevertheless, should there be any reason for complaint our quality assurance team will provide professional handling and support.

For the trade with biological produced products we have been uninterruptedly certified under Article 29 (1) of EC Regulation No. 834/2007 as well as EC Regulation No. 889/2008 since 2007.

Canned tuna is only sourced by certified producers and suppliers, which have recognised the regulations of the SAFE control program for the safety of dolphins. The Andreas Wendt GmbH is also a member of the German Dolphin Protection Societey (GDR).